Refund and Returns Policy

We understand that every product has its own unique set of circumstances. This is why we offer a refund for nearly any purchase on Arena IPTV Shop, no matter the reason. You have 7 days from the time of purchase to request a refund, but you can also request one outside those seven days and we’ll take a look.

If you approve, we’ll refund your purchase within 24 hours. You’ll receive a refund either by bank transfer or to the payment method you used to make your purchase. – If your purchase was made less than 7 days ago, we’ll provide you with the full refund. In all other cases (if your purchase was made more than 7 days before the refund), you’ll get a partial refund according to the time left on your registration period. Our support team will contact users in all cases of refunds.

We like to offer our customers a chance to test DriveYourSite before they commit by signing up for a longer plan. We also have the Monthly package option, so you can use our services for as long or as little as you need without any repercussions.

Note: Refunds usually take 20 to 30 business days to process and unfortunately, we can’t expedite this. Refunds are out of our hands and handled by our payment processors. When you submit a refund request, we’ll respond as soon as possible

We will not be able to make any refunds (or make a partial refund) if:

-Customer didn’t satisfy/like the Channel line-up or performance. We suggest every customer go for Test before buying Subscriptions.

-Customer is unable to set-up their own box at their end. We will provide our support to setup their boxes, however, because we do not know about the circumstances with the box, our support is limited to pre-defined steps for configurations.

If some channels are freezing or not working. Though almost all of our Servers are stable, sometimes channels do freeze or doesn’t work due to various reasons.

However, most of the times, these issues are temporary and caused by below reasons:

1.Customer internet fluctuations.
2. Issue with the box.
3.Your ISP Has issue.
4. Issue with the box.
5.Channel is down from server end.
6. Customer change his/her mind and wanted to withdraw/switch between servers.
7. Customer can still subscribe to other servers by purchasing new subscription.

-In case user/customer not able to setup IPTV service on any of the devices within 1 days of activation, we will refund 100% of their subscription purchase price.